Saturday, 28 June 2008

This is....My Best Charity Shop Find

Now we have , I think, 8 charity shops where I live and I've mentioned before it's a really small town, so you would think I'd have an abundance of goodies to show! But alas not! I did manage to find these cute little lampshades for the grand sum of £1.98 and a few ornate mirrors over the years ( 5 plus the one that fell off the wall because I hadn't bothered to put in a new nail, oops!).
The best bargain though, was found by Mr.M.

This lovely 1930's club chair and it's partner were being put in the skip, when Mr.M rescued them and put them in the boot of the car! For FREE!! Of course, they weren't in this condition and we eventually got around to getting this one covered (only took us about 4 years!). The other is in the shed, still in it's original state - and believe me I don't use the word state lightly! But we live in hope that one day it might get covered and make it into the house too!

Thanks to Lino Forest for this weeks theme! And go here to see other Charity/Op shop finds!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

this is... my most favourite outfit that expresses my individual style

This is me, most days, on the school run or sewing in the house, only I've got a head and chunkier legs. Yea, I know, I've cheated and it's not me wearing it, but last time I tried taking a photo of myself I ended up jumping up and down on my bed with a lampshade on my head.....

So, green t-shirt from Peacocks, with the addition of Lobster print from me.
Gap crop Jeans from two summers ago, that I keep having to darn at the, Ahem, crotch area. Either Gap are using super soft denim or I mince alot when I walk!
Wedge sandals from Clarke's.
Necklace bought from Jennifer Collier at Origin Craft Fair about 18 months ago. It's looking a bit chipped due to the fact that I dropped it on a French cobbled street. I like to think that gives it a vintage look!
Additional styling of the tape measure courtesy of the 13year old, you can't see the pair of scissors she put hanging out of the pocket, or the fact that I told her off for shoving pins and needles in the t-shirt - before I realized that's actually what I do when I'm sewing!!
This would be my summer outfit, my winter wardrobe being exactly the same but with boots and a jumper!

Thanks to Kitty's Kaboodle for this week's theme and Angela for the meme!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Has anyone found my brain?

So is this what happens when you reach the BIG 40? Your brain decides it doesn't need you anymore? So then you turn up at the dentist, oblivious to the fact you're a day late because, bizarrely, you've written it on the calendar for Tuesday instead of Monday, and can't blame anyone else except yourself, and then you begin to wonder if you've got early onset Alzheimer's (only you can't spell it because the brain has gone on holiday without you). Is this normal? Am I the only one who needs a list for EVERYTHING, especially if you want any edible food and toilet roll this week? Is it all downhill from here? Is there a special room full to the rafters of crafters (hey! that rhymes!) braincells? Or is it a mother thing? Or a crafting mother thing? Or a mother-f*****g thing? Or is it just me?

Oh and I joined Flickr, don't know what to do with it, but stop by and say hi here. (Pleeease, I'm a Flickr-no-mates at the mo!)

It's alright! Jodie has diagnosed me...apparently it's early onset C.R.A.F.T. disease, (Can't remember a f*****g thing). There's no hope...there's no cure....fellow sufferers should leave a comment, we'll set up a support group. Would someone remind me of that later.....

This is....the Space Where I Create

Now I've put off this weeks theme because I don't have an interesting place to create, it's just the kitchen table, neither exciting or inspirational in the great scheme of things! But you know what - it works (most of the time!) I'm right in the middle of the house so I don't feel cut off from what's going on, situated close to the kettle, telly and the Internet and vitally - the stash of chocolate and biscuits. And it's Mr.M's Granny's table. It's nice to be using it everyday, rather than it sitting in a shed somewhere (we've been using it for the past 14 years actually, I painted it when we were given it and shocked the whole family! Ooops!). It's perfectly normal to have more kitchen cupboards full of thread, fabric, trims and an overlocker, than food and kitchen stuff anyway right?! The only real downside is people keep wanting to be fed - how annoying!Oh, that and Baked Beans stuck to my work surface! Actually I did think of just saying the whole house, a small terrace. I've also got stuff stashed under the settee, under the bed, on top of the wardrobe, fabric in Bigski's bedroom, probably the attic, the boot of my car is full of print stuff, a silk screen behind the bed, only the bathroom is safe......Hello. I'm Sharon. I have a problem......

Thanks to Michelle at Quilting Mick for this week's theme and to Three Buttons for the whole meme!

And Good Luck to Cloudcake, she's got an exam today!!

Update! When I say create in the kitchen, I mean stitch related not cooking related. I wouldn't want anyone to mistake my cooking for a creative endeavour, it's not so much that I can't cook , I'm more of a really-can't-be-arsed-to-think-about-it-cook!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

And the Winner Is.....

The random number generator that is my smallest person with the aid of a mixing bowl, chose

Bec! Of The Small Stuff

Congratulations Bec! You've won the apron giveaway! Just let me know your postal address so I can send it to you! And Bec's favourite blog is Starashan, I'll try and list some of the other favourite blogs throughout the next week.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Craftman and Bobbin.....

  • Holy tomoly, Craftman! What is it!
  • Avert your eyes my trusty side kick Bobbin, I'm afraid - it's BAD craft!
  • What can we do Craftman!?!
  • It's too late this time Bobbin! but we'll continue the fight for good craft, and uphold the principles of Handmade! We'll dedicate our lives to saving the world. One. Stitch. At. A. Time!!
  • Could we nip into Tescos on the way to save the world, it's just we've run out of milk....
  • Well Ok, but we'll have to be quick - I've got to be back at 3.10 for the school run......

And in the swoosh of a crusaders cape (Screen printed vintage denim, lined in a quilt made of their childrens old summer dresses, delightful hand embroidery and button embellishment), they were GONE! Gone to rid the world of the ugly, the mass produced and the badly made (all inbetween cleaning the toilet, cooking the tea and the Primark sale....)

Stay tuned for the further infrequent adventures of Craftman and Bobbin. CRAFTING SUPERHEROS!!!

(Um? Would you mind looking down the back of your settee please? I seem to have lost the plot...)

Monday, 9 June 2008

This is... My Favourite Travel Memory

Once upon a time, in a land B.C. (before children), two bright young things went on an adventure travelling around Morrocco (just after the first Gulf War - as you do!). They made it all the way down to Marrakesh where they had a high old time with a couple of Scottish lads and a set of bagpipes, before coming across the local dentist. Oh yes, they're TEETH on that table! And I'm holding a set of dentures (as you do!). Funniest thing though is the chap looking through Mr.M's arm..
Thanks to Hila for this weeks theme!

And a follow on from last weeks theme....... Mr.Fishy 'helps' with weeding the garden!

Don't forget the GIVE AWAY!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Open All Hours....

Now I know for a fact that no-one will be reading this, I mean it's 11 o'clock on Saturday night, you're obviously all going to be out partying! But I'd just thought I'd make a small announcement....
Oh yeah, at LAST! Look, I've even got a link thingy in the side bar!
So the ribbon to the front door has been ceremoniously cut and you all are welcome to come and join me for a glass of the best champagne (for best read virtual)!! I've got one whole apron (actually it's a half apron) in there, which will be joined very shortly by a few more lovelies , just building up a bit more stamina it's taken a most of the evening thus far!
And to celebrate being on Etsy I'm going to do a GIVE AWAY!

This lovely raspberry apron is the sister to my first Etsy listing. She has my 'Vintage Spoon' design handscreen printed onto recycled raspberry linen, featuring button embellishment and hand embroidery with a fat tie made of the most delicous green/grey linen fastening into a bow,at the front or back - whichever you prefer! So if you fancy glamming up life in your kitchen leave a comment, just telling me who your favourite blog is, to go into the grand draw! (I say grand, but you know I mean pulling a name out from my rather under-used mixing bowl....). I'll post the name of the winner, along with the most popular/interesting blogs, in a week (Sunday 15th).
Phew! It's all going according to Plan!!

Friday, 6 June 2008


June's image from the Wallpaper calendar, just perfect should you be considering that underwater themed kitchen......actually given the weather lately it could catch on.....
And from the Laura Ashley calendar. I love this, it's so nice to see such an innocent fashion statement, makes such a change from most of todays dress your children/young teens as tarts ranges that I see on the High Street. How highly do you rate my chances of getting my 13 year old daughter to wear it to the next school disco? Mmmm, shan't hold my breath!
(Oh, just read this back and I sound like a right old fart!!!)

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dear Nanny and Grampy

Ethel loves Fred shared the sweetest letter on her blog that she wrote to her Grandparents in 1974, and it reminded me of the one I wrote to my Grandparents on the aeroplane as we travelled back from Australia to return to live in England, also in 1974. Trouble was I opened it up 'ah, sweet' thought I, forgetting that inside was a letter to me that my Nan had written just after my Gramfie had died. 'Bittersweet' thought I, through the unexpected tears.

So anyway, following the lead of Ethel loves Fred, here's a translation of my (rather good, if I do say so myself) 6 year old writing;

39 GloucesTer road bridgwater Somerset
Dear NANNY and Grampy
I hope the airoplane dont crash.
from SHaron xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I've always been an optimist, you can tell can't you!I love that I wrote it on Qantas paper, on an aeroplane, and it says by Airmail! I needed to work on that mix of capitals and lowercase letters a bit (it just confused the hell out of spellchecker) but my writing was much neater then than it is now!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

This is...My Pet

Hello ladies! I've missed you all! Actually this isn't my pet, it's an apron (but you knew that, right?) - I've been on a bit of a blog break because of
1)loads of alterations to sew
2)a camping trip, and
3)the craft fair was today! Hence the apron picture! If this post makes no sense, it's because I've been sewing into the wee small hours once too often this week!

The short version of all that is there are
1) only midgets where I live as I still have stacks of alterations,
2) it rained - ALOT and then ALOT more! And this comment possibly won't be understood everywhere across the world but it was not a good campsite choice - 'Shameless by the Sea' would be the best description!
3) I sold one bag!(£18) So that was worth sewing into the early hours, buying fabric, getting labels made, paying for the table (£80ish altogether). Mmm...I might postpone my plans for early retirement for a while!! Still it was a positive experience in that I met some like minded crafters which was very encouraging and there was alot of footfall, just not sure that this type of craft fair is entirely right for my product. I still feel positive though, not sure why but I do! (Although slightly stitch blinded if that makes sense!) And a very big thanks to Helen-the-cat-hater who came down from London to hold my hand and made the lovely corsage in the photo!
The good news is that I now have stock for my ETSY shop! I'll be stocking her this week, I'll keep you posted! But I REALLY do need to clean the house first.....
Back to this weeks 'This is...'

This is Mr.Fishy! His real name is Stanley (he insisted on having an alias like the rest of the family) also known as Stan the Man - he's so clever he'll answer to anything - just as long as your holding a piece of ham in your hand.....
Thanks to Kyla for this weeks theme!

And just a little mention that Very-Talented-Maria has started her blog! Stop by and say Hi to her here! (She's also far too modest to say but the paper quilt that she's posted is a prize winner!!)

UPDATE:Stan the Man isn't a burmese, he's just got a pointy face! Ha, so glad I never taught him to read!

Forgot to mention the irony of the lovely lady who bought the bag at the craft fair only lives in the next street to me and yet the craft fair was 5 miles away in Leamington Spa!