Friday, 6 June 2008


June's image from the Wallpaper calendar, just perfect should you be considering that underwater themed kitchen......actually given the weather lately it could catch on.....
And from the Laura Ashley calendar. I love this, it's so nice to see such an innocent fashion statement, makes such a change from most of todays dress your children/young teens as tarts ranges that I see on the High Street. How highly do you rate my chances of getting my 13 year old daughter to wear it to the next school disco? Mmmm, shan't hold my breath!
(Oh, just read this back and I sound like a right old fart!!!)


Daisie said...

Not an old fart!
You've only said what we all think!!!

Anonymous said...

better an old fart than an old tart! I'm right there with you on children's clothes these days, it's just so wrong! Bring back the polo-necked long-sleeved maxi dress, I say.

Anonymous said...

you never know - maxi's are all the rage!!!!!sweetie x h.t.c.h.