Tuesday, 22 April 2008

This is...My Latest Discovery #2

If you don't instruct the small person, very specifically, not to turn on the blender when you're not holding down the top, you get banana milkshake all over the new iron, allover the floor, allover the toaster, just allover. Oh, why do I bother tidying up? Answers on a postcard please....

(Ha! like I'd actually tidied up!)

This is...My Latest Discovery

My latest discovery is the OMNICROM machine at college....

Take one photocopy, in this case a drawing of a milk bottle - our next project at college is based on everyday things, so I've gone down the-fishing-stuff-out-of-the-recycler-to-make-it-useful-again-route. Oh and I've only recently discovered the positive/negative button on the copier, dodgy drawings look much more impressive on a black ground! So grab that copy I was warbling about and place it between the sheets of magic film, for demonstration and bling purposes I've used GOLD! Feed it through the magic OMNICROM machine (of which I have no photos, sorry) ....

and where we had black we now have GOLD!! Something to do with carbon and heat transfer, was far too excited to listen at this point!

And the negative version is left on the film!

Then I got carried away and stitched a photocopy to fabric with my free-needle embroidery foot (not sure that's its official name) which is a recent(ish) discovery, it gives a nice wonky line (well, very wonky when I use it!) that I really like and I then ripped areas of paper away, discovering a new (at least to me) technique that I love, love, love!!

Another amazing discovery of the last few days is that I am employable! I started a part time job in a wedding dress shop at the weekend and really enjoyed it. I'll be working a few hours on a Wednesday and Thursday and all day Saturday, advising potential brides.

Remember, 'Little Bo-Peep' is a good look for weddings, you heard it hear first!
Thanks to Knitowl for this weeks theme!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Bet You Want One !

Look what we just brought home from school.
Eygptian throne.
Life sized.
Aren't creative children great. Yep. I'm one lucky, lucky lady...

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

This is....My Perfect Dinner Party

For comedic value I've invited Jack Dee and Bill Bailey (who's from the West Country like me. Actually, he looks a little like my Uncle Raymond). Brian Blessed is a late entry to the list, I saw him on telly earlier in the week and he has so much passion and energy for life that I'm sure he'd prove very entertaining. Sarah Beeney (Property Ladder Presenter) gets an invite because she can wire and plumb a whole house and we British always end up talking about houses anyway!

Daniel Craig- James Bond- Oh like I need to explain this one!!

My friend Helen-the-cat-hater, yea I know she's not famous, but if the above guest arrives and she doesn't get an invite my life won't be worth living!

I asked the girls who they would invite and Elvis is now providing the music, and littleski had trouble deciding between Elizabeth I or Tinkerbell ( Oh to be 8 again! Tinkerbell won by the way...)

So should anyone be passing by and fancy being stuck in the same room as James Bond and Tinkerbell you'll be very welcome. I'll be serving a pear and cheese salad for starters, followed by lemon chicken and finished off with a baked cheesecake (which is pretty much what I always cook if we have guests!) It's just a casual affair so don't feel obliged to get dressed up, or in the case of Mr.Craig dressed! hee hee!

Thanks to Lily and Agathe for such a great theme, and see who everyone else has invited to dinner here!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

This is....my jewellery box

Slightly misleading title as I don't actually have a jewellery box, just a fancy hook.....

and various dump sites around the house!

Thanks to Angela for this weeks theme!

And guess what! It snowed yesterday!! Yay!!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Oh look! I remembered to post about the calendars on the 1st of the month!

Lovely, lovely garden inspired wallpaper from the Wallpaper Calendar (obviously!)

Very simple dress and rather nice Margo Leadbetter headscarf, courtesy of Laura Ashley Calendar.

There I did it! I managed to post the calendars on the 1st of the month, with a whole 10 minutes to spare!!

Spoon bag

I'm sure you'll forgive me, but I've been having so much fun with the 'This is .....' meme that I've been a bit slack about posting my creative endeavours! So more to remind myself of 'The Plan' than anything else, here's the 'Spoon Bag'..... you're amazed at my catchy titles, I know.....

Spoon Bag (spu:n baeg) noun : a handy device for carrying junk from one place to another! Made from dark denim, hand screen printed spoon design, button embellishment, smidgen of hand embroidery, pink gingham lining. Now residing with Helen-the-cat-hater (in her defence, she's highly allergic to cats) and making frequent trips to Sainsbury's for the purchase of bagels, tea bags and wine!