Monday, 27 April 2009

Eye Spy.....My work in progress...

How apt is that for a theme?!

Crafting progress is at a nil, but hey the building progress is s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w, but crucially, there is progress. The bricks arrived , wrong ones on the Thursday (and a week late...), wrong ones on the Friday, right ones on the Monday!! So we have a wall!! And they're lovely bricks they match beautifully, much better than the ones I thought we were getting (I won't explain that, you never know who's reading!) So it was actually worth the wait, you see, there's always a positive side!! We have no roof yet, it's raining. Apparently builders go rusty if you leave them out in the rain, and they only cure is to lubricate with a strong dose of PG Tips......
Further progress upstairs, the plasterer is doing his thang in the back bedroom as I type! Oe-er missus!! And the nice gas man just serviced the boiler and it didn't get condemend! Whoa! (Excuse the excitement but it's always a bonus with a boiler that's over 20 years old.) How thrilling is this for a post, all this talk of boilers and bricks, oh, be still my beating heart!!
And just so someone doesn't call for Craftman and Bobbin to come and bust my non-crafting arse on this supposedly craft blog, does wrapping an old yellow t-shirt around an old dusty Ikea lampshade (Darling, it's what all the best lampshades are wearing. T-shirts at a jaunty angle? Why yes, it's all the rage) while saying aloud "I'll stitch that on there, it'll be lovely!" count as crafting? Or does saying "....eventually" under my breath negate it's right to be called a work in progress?! Actually, I'm going to refer to it as a WIMP (work in mental progress) or maybe just plain mental for short.......

Thanks to the lovely Bug and Pop for Eye Spying fun, and to Michelle at Hugo & Elsa for the great theme!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

New Phase.....

We're at a new phase in the house renovations, I use the word renovations lightly, meaning house trashing in truth. The new phase shall be called:

Phase: 'What the bog are we doing this for?!'

'Tis half term here, we have a very slow extension being built at the front (waiting for bricks, don't ask) and a gutted bedroom at the back to contend with (gutted as in ripped it all out, rather than a room that's a bit down in the dumps and unhappy.....) and I think the computer may be full of dust, it's being rather unhelpful shall we say. The rest of the house is definitely under a layer of dust (oh yes, more than it's normal layer), so much I've actually taken to wearing walking boots instead of slippers. And we haven't really got going yet. Mmmm....bugger!!

So I'm going to take a little break from the old blogette for a couple of weeks. I've shut the shops on Etsy and Folksy until the 20th April, but if anyone can't live without a peg bag/pin cushion/apron, do feel free to drop me an email!

I just want to wish a

Happy Easter Everyone,

and save me a bit of chocolate! ( I think I might be needing it!)