Friday, 27 March 2009

Mine's bigger than yours.....

Phase 1: Board the loft.......done!
Phase 2: Plaster and paint the hall......mostly done
Phase 3: Bathroom.....done!
Phase 4: Involves a sodding big JCB in the front garden....

A bit over the top in my opinion, it's the smallest of extensions.

But the MEN are in charge.

So it's a MASSIVE digger.

And I obviously wouldn't be so crude to mention every man's obsession with size and the importance there of...........would I?

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Got 10 minutes before I have to get ready for work, so bit of a quick post this one!
Above: Mother's Day card for mine and Mr.M's Ma's, with hearts made from.... wait for it.....the girls baby clothes. Aaahh sweet! Yes the red gingham and blue flower were worn by both sprogs the eldest only being 14 (I really do keep fabric for that long!) and the middle heart being newer and cut from a baby grow vest thing, was only worn by the youngest (um. I say 'newer' she's 9 and a half....)
Oh, just read that back to myself, the Mums got a card each not one between them, because there are 2 Mums I'm talking about, wouldn't want you to think there was only one and I married my brother or anything. I know I'm from Somerset originally, but really....

Moving on!
And then there was an emergency card making session last night for a friend's husband.
Smallski drew .......

And I stitched....
(and cleverly cropped out the massive stain on the tablecloth! Yay me!)

Eye Spy ...something in my garden

Late again for the meme! Ho hum, that's life!
But look what's growing in my garden! It was a lovely little surprise from a friend for my birthday last week, so not sure who it's made by but it's taken up a happy and permanent residence on my coat. Only I keep forgetting why people are staring at my left bap....if you know what I mean....;)
Thanks to Beyond Pink and Blue for this weeks theme and to Bug and Pop for the Eye Spy fun!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine,
Kitty Kay!
Miss Kitty is a printing buddy of mine and has just opened her Folksy shop, which I know is going to be full of all sorts of gorgeousness in the coming weeks, in the mean time go and check out her rather fabulous knickers!

Stay tuned for more infrequent posts, and watch in stunned amazement as Shaz digs her self out slowly from another enormous pile of alterations.
Where do all these short people come from, does she in fact live in the vale of the hobbits, and why don't they shop at the short squat hobbit shop where they might find a cloak that fits, and don't they know there's a bloody recession on anyway and there just aren't enough hours in the day to sew and keep a bathroom shiny without getting frustrated? Not to mention blogging fun to be had....
I'm gonna have to stop sniffing the Cif you know......

Friday, 13 March 2009

Bargains and cold turkey...

I've managed to find a few bargains this week.....

Huge stripey tongue

...ha ha only joking...nice new ironing board cover from Asda Living for only £3!

And while I was in there, it would have been rude not purchase these little soap dispenser things for only £1.50 each. Yes, I'm now so bathroom obsessed that I'm actually decanting the shampoo and conditioner! They're actually plastic, so I'm hoping they won't cause too much damage the next time the "cat" knocks them into the bath.

And this is free wallpaper! True 'tis only a sample, but quite a generous one and so lovely that it's currently decorating the fridge. It's called Dandelions and it's by Sandersons. I want those colours EVERYWHERE!
Right I'm now going to turn off the computer, walk away and paint the bathroom ceiling, then carry on sewing because all I seem to be doing is cleaning the bathroom - 3 times a day if you want the gory details! I'm polishing the taps so often I'm surprised there's any tap left. Even I know it's gone too far when I'm telling the smallest person to was her hands, but could she NOT touch the taps. And if they could all NOT get the shower screen wet.....never mind I'm sure I'll be back to my usual slovenly habits soon!
Oh and I've just gone cold turkey on sugar, we're on a bag a WEEK! And this week it's not really lasted a week. So I'm refusing to buy any. Two sugars down to none. Let's see how long I last. I don't predict very long, my coffee tastes like crap.
(Nearly forgot I bought bargain face cream, instead of my normal £8 pot, I got a £1.95 one from Tesco, works well. It moisturises and whatever, just smells a bit like bathroom cleaner........)

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

There's a funny little meme going around that I found over at Bug and Pop, it goes like this...

Type "Unfortunately, your name" into google and see what appears, this is what I got.....

... Unfortunately, Sharon was a prime candidate for a stroke, thanks to years of inactivity, obesity, a poor diet, and extraordinary stress. ...

Unfortunately, Sharon relies on alcohol to transform into something that she's not.

Unfortunately, Sharon has had a major unfortunate complication ...

Unfortunately, Sharon did not go to Washington just to hear that America has not abandoned the United States to our fate. Rather he went there to receive ...

... Unfortunately Sharon has never served in the agricultural committee as Assemblywoman nor dealt with labor issues either. ...

Unfortunately, Sharon finds herself dealing with mysterious mishaps caused by her braces.

That first one made me laugh!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Eye Spy...something that makes me HAPPY!

OOPS! Late for my own Eye Spy theme!
So what makes me happy? Well, this week it's bubble baths!
Because after nearly 2 years (yes, you did read that right) of having packing tape on the bath because of a hole caused by a large bottle of shampoo pushed by the cat, if rumours are to be believed (I don't believe, I have my own theory involving small creatures on two legs rather than four....) we sorted the bathroom. (Possibly the smallest bathroom on the face of the earth)
It started by looking like this...

Then we improved it, so it looked like this....

and this....

And then the nice plumber took over and made it look like this...

I love those tiles they make me very HAPPY!

I still have to paint the ceiling and get the drawer to fit in the sink unit (boring story!) but we're nearly there.
Just the hall, 3 bedrooms, front extension and kitchen to sort then. I think we're in for a LONG year!!
I didn't tell you about Mr.M puting in the loft ladder, did I? The idea was to board out the loft and make it into a proper storage/play room. Good idea. Great idea in fact. Only, I came home from work a few months ago, to find the hall ceiling on the floor, and M stuck in the loft! It's great now, but like I said it's gonna be a looong year!
More Eye Spy fun over at Bug and Pop!