Sunday, 21 September 2008

This is....what I want to be when I grow up! and some exciting news!!

I have actually already given this a lot of thought - even before this weeks theme! I can't quite decide between being a Fairy godmother (Benefits including: cool sparkly outfit, magic on hand, wings, hours to suit) or James Bond (Benefits: licensed to kill - which would be handy when doing the weekly shop, foreign travel, very cool car). Think I'll have to settle for Aston Martin driving psycho fairy!

Thanks to Bug and Pop for this weeks theme!

And now the rather exciting, to the point that I'm not actually sleeping properly, news is the "She's got bottle!" apron that I submitted for the Howies/Folksy competition got selected! My apron is part of a display in the Howies shop window on Carnaby Street, London!! I'm in really good company with some truly talented crafters, and you can see the other items that were selected here! They'll be on display until the 26th September, and customer voting will decide the overall winner, so if you find yourself wandering down Carnaby Street this week pop in and vote for your favourite (which is ME, obviously! I know, I have no shame!)

Friday, 19 September 2008

Craft for Breakfast

Made a bracelet this morning, before breakfast, before even the school run from pearl buttons. Now, please don't have an image of a woman so organised this is possible, the reality ia a slovenly not quite awake pyjama wearing coffee addict (that's picture was taken on the kitchen floor and I've just croped out the dirty bits, quicker than washing it) that just needed to make it, NOW. So I used shirring elastic, because that's all I had. Not sure that was a good choice. It's quite a heavy bracelet. Will it/won't it break? Ooo! It's like russian roulette, with button jewellery. Living on the edge, I'm just so rock and roll.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Folksy update!

Bottle Apron (catchy name, I know. Any further suggestions on a postcard please....) has just been listed over at Folksy (and I secretly hopes that no one buys her, because she's a favourite and I haven't got time to print and stitch a twin). I've listed her as part of the Howies 'Life is complicated. Sport is simple.' competition. Because you KNOW housework is an extreme sport......
In other news, not much crafting going on here, too many alterations (why are there so many short/oddly shaped people where I live?) and stripping instead (wallpaper, what were you thinking?) Quite frustrating actually, thought it was the summer holidays disrupting me, apparently it wasn't, it's just me. And somebody somewhere decided to only put 24 hours in a day. Idiot. Bet it was a man.

UPDATE: Bottle apron has got a new name , now officially called


Thanks JODIE!!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008


Hey! I got a mention on the lovely CUTEABLE website!
Pop over and see all of the other lovelies there!