Friday, 19 September 2008

Craft for Breakfast

Made a bracelet this morning, before breakfast, before even the school run from pearl buttons. Now, please don't have an image of a woman so organised this is possible, the reality ia a slovenly not quite awake pyjama wearing coffee addict (that's picture was taken on the kitchen floor and I've just croped out the dirty bits, quicker than washing it) that just needed to make it, NOW. So I used shirring elastic, because that's all I had. Not sure that was a good choice. It's quite a heavy bracelet. Will it/won't it break? Ooo! It's like russian roulette, with button jewellery. Living on the edge, I'm just so rock and roll.


Daisie said...

That is so like me! The children often hear me say "eat your breakfast, I've just had an idea"! Things come to me when I'm asleep.
The bracelet is beautiful!

Griffin said...

Hmm, worn with a leather jacket, tee shirt and jeans it would actually be very rock an' roll.

Pyjama wearing coffee addict... now there's a terrifying image to conjure with!!!

I still prefer to think that is pretty amazing, because unlike writing before (and indeed during) breakfast is one thing, but actual craft work - that's pretty classy... a lot like the bracelet.

Jodie said...

I'm with griffin - you could pull it off totally rock and roll.
I read blogs before breakfast - thats all I can manage!

Bec said...

Very cool bracelet - and I like that you get to feel 'dangerous' when wearing it. "Yeah baby, see this bracelet? Yeah, she could blow at any time. Yep, that's just the crazy 'livin' on the edge' kinda gal I am!!!"....he he...well that's what I'd be saying anyway :P

jennyflower said...

Ace bracelet, girl when the mood takes you you just gotta go with it, just hope the shearing elastic didn't have to come from someones pants! xx Hop over and enter my give away if you get a mo