Sunday, 7 March 2010

Testing, testing....

The big computer has gone big capute (What is it with this big description? I've taken to saying the ' big light' as in "turn off the big light, so I can fall asleep in front of the telly and no one will notice..." sadly I think it's an age thing....) so like I was saying, big computer big capute, it's showing us The Blue Screen of Death, that sounds promising doesn't it? There were warning signs....the mooing when it was turned on (!) was a bit of a give away to be honest, but after we ignored it for the first year it was really easy to take no notice for the following two years, consistency is one of my strengths don't you know? Was there a point to this post? Only a very small one in that I've worked out how to post from Flickr to here, see always a silver lining to be found! Shame I haven't loaded any pics on Flickr for an eternity because I couldn't ever see when I was going to use it.
OW! That hurts! Does it have to be quite so painful when the penny finally drops!!