Friday, 25 January 2008

This is......What Scares Me

There are those that say you should face your fears.

I say "Bugger that! And hit it with a big shoe, before it moves!!"

(or better still, get someone else to hit it with their bigger shoe!)

Apologies to any Buddhists......

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

This favourite cup

I'm taking part in the meme organized by three buttons in which a theme is given every week of "This is......", and you post a photo in the theme -it's is a great idea, but honestly go here she explains so much better than me!!

This weeks is "This is my favourite cup", hence the photo, (hence the bad photo, very poor light!)

I bought these cups for my birthday, last year or maybe the year before - who knows? They all seem to be melding into one these days! (birthdays that is, not cups)........and yes, I usually buy my own present - I've got boots this year and its not until march!

But anyway like I was waffling ,nice cups great to look at - I don't actually drink out of them - far too small, but they sure do look pretty!! And they are TEA cups and I only drink coffee(two sugars, if you've got the kettle on, with or without milk, I'm not fussy)- but I absolutely CANNOT stand the smell of tea!! So glad I got that off my chest!

Friday, 18 January 2008

Baby Bibs

Made these bibs for a friends new baby boy from recycled denim (my mums old skirt!) and bound in red gingham. The spoon was screenprinted on an old pink linen curtain that once belonged to his big sister, his mum and myself had a printing session before christmas while we left the men to watch rugby (or something similar involving beer) so we both have pink tea towels that match this bib!
The second bib is a combo of hand embroidery and a smidge of felt applique-I've just used the poor babe as an excuse to embroider something really.
Another friend had a baby girl last night, the embroidery threads are a-twitching!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Therapy Anyone?

I have quite a large stash of buttons and suffer from the inability to actually use them lest I should waste them, slightly mad I know - I'm the same with fabric, unless i have a specific project in mind when I purchase, it's quite likely to stay under the bed and just get fondled occasionally! And I bet I'm not the only one who does this!!
But on the advice of a friend to just use it and enjoy it, I'm attempting to use the stash rather than buying new and the result is a couple of necklaces inspired by Kirsten at two lime leaves and her love of button porn.
A quick project , just mother of pearl buttons on linen thread (had to buy the thread, didn't have any in the stash!)
Just for the record my real hardcore porn of choice is Living etc, stacked in chronological order under the bed from the first issue.
Just read this back to myself and fear I may need therapy.....

Friday, 11 January 2008


Thought it was about time I showed you what I made as part of my handmade pledge, not nearly as much as I had imagined in my head but the sewing fairy deserted me! Anyway I think I might be fudging the idea for 'buy handmade' slightly, but I was going more for year round approach as and when suitable, after all textiles aren't just for Christmas!
I always worry about giving things I make in case it's not understood and mistaken for a cheapskate option so for a while I've just concentrated on making gifts I think will be wanted and only for those who I think will appreciate them - life, I decided, is too short to be creating stress and worry over something so straightforward.
So back to the point, I made four sewing kits for teenage girls purely in an attempt to spread the word of stitch, kinda like pretty propaganda. I had already printed the fabric, some in pink, some in orange ( same print as before - I had a stash, apologies for such slow turnaround of prints) and filled them with the travel sewing kits you can buy anywhere. And then I had to make a small tote bag as well because it just didn't seem very much on its own.

And as it turns out the worries were unfounded, they were very popular!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Christmas Day 1997

Belated post/announcement.
(small cough while she clears her throat....)

On Christmas day , 10 years ago, Mr.M and myself came over all grown up and got married.

By Elvis, in Vegas, well technically married by the Rev. Ray Cobb for the Christchurch of Positive Living (or something similar) and 'Elvis' sang, beautifully it must be said in white stacked boots and full Vegas costume.

To the amusement of Bigski , who was 3 at the time,
" Why is that man wearing lady shoes mummy?"
And after, at the wedding dinner in the hugely posh restaurant of Ceaser's Palace (not at the all you can eat buffet where we spent most of our time! ;) )she proceeds to take a packet of crisps out of her bag and munch away..... class all the way, you can tell, I know.
So Mr.M, I know you take a sneaky peek here from time to time......

Thanks honey, I wouldn't change a thing.........

............except the snoring,maybe.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

So wrong, but I don't care!!

There's an advert on British T.V. reminding the self employed to fill in and submit their tax return.
I did mine back at the beginning of the summer, admittedly I only have about three figures to worry about so it was quite simple. But, I feel so smug!! I know it's wrong, but I tell you it's not a bad way to start January!

I Will try to do a post with photos but I need to get the camera out with the sun (that'll be next August then!?!)
Strangely enough, 11.30 at night doesn't provide enough light.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all in blogland!

In my last post I said I needed to get out more, well we did !! So, normal blogging (that is to say infrequently) will resume next week when the small and big peeps are all back at school (did I mention Mr.M is a teacher of history).

So off you go! I'm sure you can find something more interesting than this...... I'm off to eat the last of the christmas chocolate, feel free to join me!