Monday, 14 January 2008

Therapy Anyone?

I have quite a large stash of buttons and suffer from the inability to actually use them lest I should waste them, slightly mad I know - I'm the same with fabric, unless i have a specific project in mind when I purchase, it's quite likely to stay under the bed and just get fondled occasionally! And I bet I'm not the only one who does this!!
But on the advice of a friend to just use it and enjoy it, I'm attempting to use the stash rather than buying new and the result is a couple of necklaces inspired by Kirsten at two lime leaves and her love of button porn.
A quick project , just mother of pearl buttons on linen thread (had to buy the thread, didn't have any in the stash!)
Just for the record my real hardcore porn of choice is Living etc, stacked in chronological order under the bed from the first issue.
Just read this back to myself and fear I may need therapy.....


French Knots said...

Love the button porn, I like rearranging mine in pretty jars - but wouldn't admit that in public...woops!

Anonymous said...

decorating least you don't have to hide it from the children! I was wondering what form would aversion therapy take? A quick trip to furniture village, SCS and forced purchase of practical, wipe clean three piece? With matching curtains.

Stacey said...

I love this necklace, really love it.
Do you ever watch The Hotel Inspector? The woman on that show often wears a really brightly coloured button necklace and every time I see it, I want it more.
Yours is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hubba hubba!! Lurve that rectangle button! And the pink ones.

Jodie said...

Button porn addict here too. That necklace is beautiful.