Friday, 11 January 2008


Thought it was about time I showed you what I made as part of my handmade pledge, not nearly as much as I had imagined in my head but the sewing fairy deserted me! Anyway I think I might be fudging the idea for 'buy handmade' slightly, but I was going more for year round approach as and when suitable, after all textiles aren't just for Christmas!
I always worry about giving things I make in case it's not understood and mistaken for a cheapskate option so for a while I've just concentrated on making gifts I think will be wanted and only for those who I think will appreciate them - life, I decided, is too short to be creating stress and worry over something so straightforward.
So back to the point, I made four sewing kits for teenage girls purely in an attempt to spread the word of stitch, kinda like pretty propaganda. I had already printed the fabric, some in pink, some in orange ( same print as before - I had a stash, apologies for such slow turnaround of prints) and filled them with the travel sewing kits you can buy anywhere. And then I had to make a small tote bag as well because it just didn't seem very much on its own.

And as it turns out the worries were unfounded, they were very popular!


Anonymous said...

They are scrumptious....truly!

Anonymous said...

your hand made gifts are always appreciated - they look better than shop bought - take pride hel t.c.h.xx

sooziebee said...

You can't beat handmade at Xmas, we have done it for a few years now, and I just love it, alcool features high on the list (rasp gin this year and also whisky and ginger liquer). True friends appreciate it, bugger the rest of em x