Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Christmas Day 1997

Belated post/announcement.
(small cough while she clears her throat....)

On Christmas day , 10 years ago, Mr.M and myself came over all grown up and got married.

By Elvis, in Vegas, well technically married by the Rev. Ray Cobb for the Christchurch of Positive Living (or something similar) and 'Elvis' sang, beautifully it must be said in white stacked boots and full Vegas costume.

To the amusement of Bigski , who was 3 at the time,
" Why is that man wearing lady shoes mummy?"
And after, at the wedding dinner in the hugely posh restaurant of Ceaser's Palace (not at the all you can eat buffet where we spent most of our time! ;) )she proceeds to take a packet of crisps out of her bag and munch away..... class all the way, you can tell, I know.
So Mr.M, I know you take a sneaky peek here from time to time......

Thanks honey, I wouldn't change a thing.........

............except the snoring,maybe.


Angel Jem said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you had a good time.... and 10 years is a goodly time!

Anonymous said...

oops bit belated but has it really been that long? You both have hardly changed a bit! Or is it just that after all this time you've come back into fashion!?!