Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Forgive me Blogfather, for I have sinned, 'tis been a month since my last post. Worry not child, sit in the sun and drink beer, for surely that cures all that ails thee......Well, if you insist...

The builders are still here, but I'd thought you might enjoy these little gems from the youngest Miss. M,

Smallski was in the bath the other day,
Me: Lie back and get your hair wet
Smallski: why?
Me: So I can wash it
Smallski, looks confused, while reading the shampoo bottle: But it says for dry hair......

Later that same day,
Smallski: Hold out your arms like this and shake them like this (que vigorous flapping and unlady-like shaking of the arms)
Me, Mr.M and Grandma (suspiciously): Why?
Smallski: I want to see who's got Flamingo wings.....

Honestly you can't make this stuff up!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

If it fits in the toaster......

Remember the last time I showed you the front of my house? The new bit had no roof. Now it's got one, and it's been knocked through and it's (almost) plastered!!! As are the three bedrooms upstairs (by the end of today anyway).....because we thought "why not trash the upstairs of the house to match the downstairs?", (dead co-ordinated I am), and then live like that for about 2 months. And why not take out the gas supply to the cooker while you're at it, nothing wrong with pork scratchings and beer for tea, (not joking, I only left out we had crisps for dessert, because we're posh) though the vegetarian children are struggling with the concept. Whingers. (Actually I wish I cut off the gas to the cooker years ago, but best not tell anyone that bit!) And radiators? Totally overrated in my opinion. "And is that digging in the back garden ?" I hear you ask politely, Oh yes, that would be the foundations for the rear extension (Oo-er madam!). Without the front or upstairs being finished? Paa! I laugh in the face of finished!!!!

Surprisingly enough I'm not writing this while rocking in a corner, mostly because I can't find a clean one.....

So you can see why it's been a bit quite on the bloggy/craft front, been just a bit too dusty to do much else other than think, and that's no bad thing! Because now I've got a plan. Yes, another one. I want to carry on with the bits and pieces I normally do but I want to diversify into making some skirts, printed most probably, not in any massed produced kind of way, all individual and lovely. The idea has been bubbling away for ages, waiting for it's turn to escape the "ain't got time for that you fool!" box in the back of the brain, and now it just feels like the right time to go back to the old pattern cutting roots. I say now, but you know that's the elasticated craft version of now don't you!