Saturday, 10 May 2008

This is...What Reminds Me of My Mum

Now there are many things I could have picked for this the potential for a double chin, short legs, my sewing ability, the ability to put colours together, but I've picked my Engagement ring.
When Mr.M and I decided to get married we'd already been together 7 or 8 years ( you don't want to rush into these things....) and my Mum gave me her engagement ring that she and my Dad bought from H.Samuel the jewellers in the mid-sixties, I've always considered it good luck as they've been together over 40 years now! It's a delicate little combo of a platinum setting for a sparkle of diamond and a band of 18ct gold. When Mum gave it to me she said to get the band fixed as it was getting rather thin, 10 years later and whoops, I still haven't done it! Partly because there is always something of higher priority, but mostly because I'm afraid it will get lost if I hand it over to anyone!
Thanks Angela for this weeks theme!

Friday, 9 May 2008


Ha Ha! Guess what? We've had a few days of beautiful sunshine so I put on those cream shoes last night, and dared to consider wearing them tomorrow and booked a couple of days camping. It's now raining....told you !
I'm so sorry....

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Crazy Craft....

You know the crafting thing has gone a bit too far when the video (remember those?) chews up a tape and your only reaction is " Cool! What can I sew that onto?!" And then you photograph it.
That fine line people speak of - it really is quite thin isn't it?

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

This is.. The Shoes I Would Sleep In

Now I wouldn't actually sleep in these, but as I bought them last summer whilst on holiday and have only worn them once, these are the shoes I'd like to wear, or think about wearing WITHOUT it raining!!
The combination of these shoes and the purchase of a tent has infact damned the whole of the British Summer, like it needs any help from me... except today of course, oh yeah now you're sunny - just to prove me a liar....
I'm still sewing through the mountain of alterations, do I sound like a mad machinist on the edge?

Friday, 2 May 2008

Flashback Friday

Angela at three buttons suggested Flashback Friday, showing a photo pre 1985. So perfect excuse to show these then...

When I was 18 months old my family moved to Australia. There was me, Mum and Dad, Aunty Ann and Uncle Terry and my cousins Geraldine and Tina. My cousins were my best friends, and we were soon joined by a baby brother for me and two sisters for them. I've got loads of sunny, happy memories from then......

This was taken March 1970. How can I be so accurate? Because my Aunty was looking after me (aged 2) while my Mum was in hospital giving birth to my little brother! That's me in the middle between my cousins Geraldine and Tina....

Dad Holding me in front of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! I Can't tell you how many car museums we went to as kids, but it must be in the millions! And weirdly, there is a car rally that drives through the town where I live now every September, and Chitty is one of them!

Playing with the old car at the bottom of the garden, Geraldine and Tina my partners in crime again!

A few years later, with my cousins and brother (look closely, we're holding hands! aaah!)

And finally my class photo from 1974, it must have been taken just before we came back to England, I can remember going to buy new dresses especially to wear on the aeroplane. Have you worked out which is me?(Front row, 2nd from left). I haven't been back to Australia since then, but it's definitely on my to-do list!

Thursday, 1 May 2008


Hello! I'm back again, inbetween mouthfuls of cheese on toast (burnt, multi-tasking obviously not my forte...) to bring you the May calendars. By the way, what happened to April? I swear I only blinked and it was gone! Above is another sketch courtesy of Laura Ashley, I'm loving that hair! And I think that is supposed to be an impression of a flower print on the skirt, rather than an angry hoard of attacking bumble bees!

Can you imagine this in a kids room? It's a brave Mum that would choose this wallpaper! I mean it's cute, but there is no way that it will induce a restful nights' sleep!

Right It's back to the machine for me, gota go and sew!!

This is....My Favourite Book

Oh I've been a slack blogger again! I'm squeezing this post inbetween phoning a customer and the kettle a-boiling. I'm trying to sew my way out from under a rather large pile of alterations, that I'm trying to clear so I can sew a rather large, if still worryingly imaginary, pile of craft fair goodies for the craft fair that is in exactly ONE MONTH, and working part time in the wedding shop ( I spent three hours playing with tiaras and veils the other day and I have an 8 minute walking commute - tis truly the best job I've ever had!)
Still I'll get there in the end!

So best books would be Pride and Prejudice (or Pride and Prune juice as small person called it), Wuthering Heights as mentioned by Lily and Agathe which just reminded of how much I loved it, The Time Travellers Wife was rather fantastic as was Wild Swans, sorry can't remember the authors of these and don't have time to look right now!

And I'm copying Cloudcakes a bit here but you can't go wrong with a bit of Wini Aldrich and I think this is possibly the oldest book I own, I've had it since college. ( No I'm lying, it says 1991 inside, have no idea why I bought it then and not at college!!)

Thanks to Daisy in LaLaLand for this weeks theme!