Thursday, 1 May 2008

This is....My Favourite Book

Oh I've been a slack blogger again! I'm squeezing this post inbetween phoning a customer and the kettle a-boiling. I'm trying to sew my way out from under a rather large pile of alterations, that I'm trying to clear so I can sew a rather large, if still worryingly imaginary, pile of craft fair goodies for the craft fair that is in exactly ONE MONTH, and working part time in the wedding shop ( I spent three hours playing with tiaras and veils the other day and I have an 8 minute walking commute - tis truly the best job I've ever had!)
Still I'll get there in the end!

So best books would be Pride and Prejudice (or Pride and Prune juice as small person called it), Wuthering Heights as mentioned by Lily and Agathe which just reminded of how much I loved it, The Time Travellers Wife was rather fantastic as was Wild Swans, sorry can't remember the authors of these and don't have time to look right now!

And I'm copying Cloudcakes a bit here but you can't go wrong with a bit of Wini Aldrich and I think this is possibly the oldest book I own, I've had it since college. ( No I'm lying, it says 1991 inside, have no idea why I bought it then and not at college!!)

Thanks to Daisy in LaLaLand for this weeks theme!


Anonymous said...

Wini is the last word in metric pattern cutting! Just check out those hairstyles! Memories of Dewhirst are bringing on cold sweat...need to lie down...

Anonymous said...

I love wild swans as well, I was going to say the author was Wang chung but I think they were a really bad eighties band who sang the classic 'dance hall days' Ok I have to go find out now...are you still sewing?