Friday, 27 February 2009

Mug Swap Goodies!

7.30 am Thursday. Ooo! My Mug Swap parcel arrived! How very exciting! Funnily enough, in a box with Bridgewater written all over, strange because that's where I grew up! I love a weird coincidence!

To Sharon...that would be me!!

LOTS of lovely wrapped parcels.....

Then it was a bit of a free for all, with lots of 'help' to unwrap all the goodies, so the camera took a bit of a back seat I'm afraid! There was coffee (yum!), chocolates (yum yum! can you see the little hand in the corner?!),a chocolate cookbook, stickers, some die cut flowers - that have already been used on a birthday card :), some Cath Kidston cloth and a piece of coordinating felt and beautifully made hand covered fabric buttons. I'm gonna keep these to make something special just for me. And then there were ribbons, the most gorgeous selection of buttons, and some lovely printed fabrics! And these were all in blues and greens, which I LOVE! I can't believe that someone I have never met could pick such perfect things for me! Oh I forgot to mention the mug, now my favourite mug, it's pink with flowers that look like they've been appliqued on. (I'll take a better picture when I find where I put the camera.)

And I've saved these beauties until last, a covered notebook and key ring that were made just for me! I cannot express just how beautiful the stitching on these are. Each stitch is absolutely perfect! (And the key ring looks so much better on the back door key than the frayed old bit of ribbon that was on there!) And there were cute little moo cards too....
So who was this generous crafter, I hear you ask, that put so much thought and care into this gift swap?
So thank you Andrea, I'm truly amazed how well you know me from my blog! I really did have fun opening this, and I love my notebook ( it actually matches my cord jacket!).
(And by 8.15am ALL the chocolates were gone! No surprise there then....)

EDITED: Andrea has much much nicer pictures of my goodies over on her blog, go look HERE!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

It's hip to be square....

God help me, I just quoted Huey Lewis and the News!
I made a square pin cushion, because basically I got fed up of sewing in circles to make the round ones!
But, and now be honest, should I make more of these or does it look like a baby's toy block. Mr.M agreed just a bit too quickly that it did so I'm leaning towards yes.
What do you think?
And does anyone else have Huey singing away in their head?

Eye Spy!

If you're playing along with Bug and Pop's game of I Spy, this weeks theme is:
I Spy...something that makes me HAPPY!
Doesn't matter what it is, could be chocolate (well, obviously!), crafting, the kids, your man - can you tell the priority of things in this house?
Anyway, whatever it is that puts a smile (or smirk) on your face, get posting about it!
(And if you're not playing Eye Spy, join in - 'tis great fun, I tell you!)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Eye Spy...Love

This weeks theme is from Bug and Pop.
Paper love hearts, left over from valentines day.
Mr.M and I met 19 years ago on Valentines Day, all together now...aaahh!

I'm also loving stitching on paper, and the patterns on the inside of envelopes, always seems a shame to chuck them in the recycling. Well no more, not when they can be stitched together to make a (completely useless) pretty banner thingy! and I LOVE grey. LOVE IT!!

And I love that I've had a bath for the first time in two years.
I'd explain that comment, but I'm enjoying the look of horror on everyone's face!
All will be revealed when the plumbers go - any day now, they've been here a week!
(And next Sunday is my turn to pick an Eye Spy theme. I can't think, the pressure!!)

Monday, 16 February 2009

Eye Spy...My Secret (Food) Shame

image from google
This weeks Eye Spy theme is from Jade at Just Needs Salt.

Now this one had me thinking....I've already 'fessed up to hiding the Jaffa cakes from the kids and that was without even the tiniest hint of shame! All being fair in love, war and chocolate in my book. So food shame? Mmm, difficult that one...
And then I remember...on Tuesday tea time...I can't fry an egg! Oh yeah, you think I'm joking. Only I'm not. I seem to have a defective egg cooking gene. Don't confuse this with not being able to cook, I can - I can't be bothered, but I can (...ish)- I just don't seem to be able to cook eggs! I can boil an egg obviously, as long as your not too bothered if it's hard or soft boiled. Pays not too be too fussy in this house!
More Eye Spy fun at Bug and Pop!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Looky, I made a mosaic! It's only taken me months to work this out.
Literally months.
Might have been a bit quicker if I'd remembered this LINK I'd saved last year. Doh!
Oh yeah, and the point of the mosaic?

The "Oh My! That's a Big Pin Cushion" Pin Cushion

has had some ballast added to her bum,

(only taken me a month to do that, don't tell the boss, she'll shout at me. She's a tyrant.
I have to feed her Jaffa cakes to keep her quiet)

so she's in the shoppe. And in the other shop.

(The pin cushion is in the shops , not the boss...'cause that would just be silly, imagine the postal charges these days....)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Eye Spy...Something Delicious!

This weeks Eye Spy theme comes courtesy of another Sharon over at Handmaiden .
My something delicious is a panini, made by Mr.M full of cheese and pastrami. Sunday lunch always tastes so much better when someone else makes it. And the headline in the background is a complete coincidence, honest!

I've only just realized this is my first post of February, I seem to have lost my blogging mojo this week. Don't know why. I've been busy playing in the snow, but I haven't done a lot else (just looked out of the window and it's snowing again! YAY!!) I tell, you I've become weather obsessed this week, fascinated by the chaos caused , Britain at a standstill and all that. Mind it's a bit extreme taking a snow day when I work from home. Mr.M is threatening to do a time in motion study on me. Good luck finding the motion I say!
I did managed to squeeze in a New Baby present for a work friend of Mr.M, a heart garland made from gingham and a card with a little pram embroidered on it. Oh and I listed some Valentines cards on Folksy and sold one! Still amazes me when I sell anything!
Well, I must dash because, true to form, the chicken is burning...!