Saturday, 10 May 2008

This is...What Reminds Me of My Mum

Now there are many things I could have picked for this the potential for a double chin, short legs, my sewing ability, the ability to put colours together, but I've picked my Engagement ring.
When Mr.M and I decided to get married we'd already been together 7 or 8 years ( you don't want to rush into these things....) and my Mum gave me her engagement ring that she and my Dad bought from H.Samuel the jewellers in the mid-sixties, I've always considered it good luck as they've been together over 40 years now! It's a delicate little combo of a platinum setting for a sparkle of diamond and a band of 18ct gold. When Mum gave it to me she said to get the band fixed as it was getting rather thin, 10 years later and whoops, I still haven't done it! Partly because there is always something of higher priority, but mostly because I'm afraid it will get lost if I hand it over to anyone!
Thanks Angela for this weeks theme!


AnastasiaC said...

how wonderful you wear her engagement ring...what a treasure to have! go get that fixed!!

Lindsay Bear said...

That is SO special! What a beautiful gift you've been given, and such a pretty ring too!

cloud9 said...

It's a lovely ring and a lovely story behind it. Still sewing? xx

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous ring and yes after 40 years and still going strong, surely a lucky omen.