Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Eye Spy ...something in my garden

Late again for the meme! Ho hum, that's life!
But look what's growing in my garden! It was a lovely little surprise from a friend for my birthday last week, so not sure who it's made by but it's taken up a happy and permanent residence on my coat. Only I keep forgetting why people are staring at my left bap....if you know what I mean....;)
Thanks to Beyond Pink and Blue for this weeks theme and to Bug and Pop for the Eye Spy fun!


Monique said...

How cute is that! And a big happy birthday to you!

Swirlyarts said...

Staring at your left bap! *snort* Sorry - that made me giggle!

amity ville boronia said...

Very pretty! Also, I love the word bap in that context :P

Emma said...

Hello, whilst having a nosey around your lovely blog I saw the tape measure brooche, I giggled too when I read Bap..Forgive me but I have to say this, It could be The Bap Measure.. Em x