Thursday, 9 April 2009

New Phase.....

We're at a new phase in the house renovations, I use the word renovations lightly, meaning house trashing in truth. The new phase shall be called:

Phase: 'What the bog are we doing this for?!'

'Tis half term here, we have a very slow extension being built at the front (waiting for bricks, don't ask) and a gutted bedroom at the back to contend with (gutted as in ripped it all out, rather than a room that's a bit down in the dumps and unhappy.....) and I think the computer may be full of dust, it's being rather unhelpful shall we say. The rest of the house is definitely under a layer of dust (oh yes, more than it's normal layer), so much I've actually taken to wearing walking boots instead of slippers. And we haven't really got going yet. Mmmm....bugger!!

So I'm going to take a little break from the old blogette for a couple of weeks. I've shut the shops on Etsy and Folksy until the 20th April, but if anyone can't live without a peg bag/pin cushion/apron, do feel free to drop me an email!

I just want to wish a

Happy Easter Everyone,

and save me a bit of chocolate! ( I think I might be needing it!)


Daisie said...

Sounds like our house, we have several 'phases' on the go at once and continually wonder why? WHY?!

Good luck with the dust!


Griffin said...

Surely you mean a lot of chocolate and a few bottles of wine rather than 'a bit of chocolate'?

One day you will look back and laugh... hollowly and then swear again. Shortly before opening another bottle of wine and sobbing gently into it. In fact you may want to do that now!

Have a fabby Easter despite everything and enjoy the chocs... ok, and the wine too.

Swirlyarts said...

Good luck with the sorting :)