Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dear Nanny and Grampy

Ethel loves Fred shared the sweetest letter on her blog that she wrote to her Grandparents in 1974, and it reminded me of the one I wrote to my Grandparents on the aeroplane as we travelled back from Australia to return to live in England, also in 1974. Trouble was I opened it up 'ah, sweet' thought I, forgetting that inside was a letter to me that my Nan had written just after my Gramfie had died. 'Bittersweet' thought I, through the unexpected tears.

So anyway, following the lead of Ethel loves Fred, here's a translation of my (rather good, if I do say so myself) 6 year old writing;

39 GloucesTer road bridgwater Somerset
Dear NANNY and Grampy
I hope the airoplane dont crash.
from SHaron xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I've always been an optimist, you can tell can't you!I love that I wrote it on Qantas paper, on an aeroplane, and it says by Airmail! I needed to work on that mix of capitals and lowercase letters a bit (it just confused the hell out of spellchecker) but my writing was much neater then than it is now!

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Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! It reminded me that I reminded myself to ring you this morning. Then I remembered that you are at college on Thursdays. Hope I remember to remind myself tomorrow. I want to hear all about the fair and the 'shameless' camping trip! xxx