Tuesday, 17 June 2008

This is....the Space Where I Create

Now I've put off this weeks theme because I don't have an interesting place to create, it's just the kitchen table, neither exciting or inspirational in the great scheme of things! But you know what - it works (most of the time!) I'm right in the middle of the house so I don't feel cut off from what's going on, situated close to the kettle, telly and the Internet and vitally - the stash of chocolate and biscuits. And it's Mr.M's Granny's table. It's nice to be using it everyday, rather than it sitting in a shed somewhere (we've been using it for the past 14 years actually, I painted it when we were given it and shocked the whole family! Ooops!). It's perfectly normal to have more kitchen cupboards full of thread, fabric, trims and an overlocker, than food and kitchen stuff anyway right?! The only real downside is people keep wanting to be fed - how annoying!Oh, that and Baked Beans stuck to my work surface! Actually I did think of just saying the whole house, a small terrace. I've also got stuff stashed under the settee, under the bed, on top of the wardrobe, fabric in Bigski's bedroom, probably the attic, the boot of my car is full of print stuff, a silk screen behind the bed, only the bathroom is safe......Hello. I'm Sharon. I have a problem......

Thanks to Michelle at Quilting Mick for this week's theme and to Three Buttons for the whole meme!

And Good Luck to Cloudcake, she's got an exam today!!

Update! When I say create in the kitchen, I mean stitch related not cooking related. I wouldn't want anyone to mistake my cooking for a creative endeavour, it's not so much that I can't cook , I'm more of a really-can't-be-arsed-to-think-about-it-cook!


Jodie said...

ooh I think I went to the same cookery school as you!

Net said...

Love your description of your stash all over the house! It just keeps going doesn't it?! Near the biscuits and tea is absolutely the most important place to set up a "creative space"!