Thursday, 20 March 2008


Look what I was lucky enough to receive as a birthday present!

A handmade cafetiere cosy!

The inspiring friend that I spoke of in my last post, I shall call her Maria ( because that is her name ) is a textile artist and the lovely lady that showed me the way to screen printing , for which I shall be eternally grateful! Maria often makes the most gorgeous tea cosies that I have been coveting for sometime, but as I don't drink tea she made me this cafetiere cosy! She's used recycled textiles, in my favourite greens and blues, along with applique and machine embroidery, all the while looking after a four month old baba! Who, I must just say, does wear rather nice bibs! ;) (can you tell that Maria and I bonded over a love of old denim?!)

Thanks Maria,I LOVE IT!!

Maria does take commisions but doesn't have a blog yet ( hands up all those that thinks she should! I am working on her!), so if anyone is interested in one of these beauties email me and I'll put the two of you in touch.


Jodie said...

yes, certainly a woman who can produce that whilst looking after a bub must have a blog - MUST!

Anonymous said...

if you're stuck for my pressie - not that i plan in advance (only5 months to go) I would so love a hand made tea cosy please like your coffe thig but with some pink in there somewhere!!if you start now it'll be done in time - ta lots of love helen t.c.h. xxx