Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Four(ty) Candles...

Well, I survived turning 40!

I actually started celebrating at the weekend with Iris and Helen the Cat Hater, we went into London, visited Tate Modern to see it's enormous crack, walked across Millennium Bridge and felt compelled to stop for coffee and cake. On the bus to Oxford Street (yes, on a Saturday-madness I tell you..) to visit MacCulloch & Wallis and John Lewis Haberdashery dept, just time for a quick run around Liberty's before a delicious pre-theatre dinner. And then on to see The Sound of Music!! Oh how fabulous! The new Maria ( Summer Somebody) was a triumph. We even managed to fit a couple of beers in afterwards! And a chocolate birthday cake on Sunday too! Cheers girls!!

I've had a lovely day today from being woken up with a pile of pressies and big smiles from Mr.M and the girls (and more chocolate birthday cake!), to coffee and cake with new friends and more coffee and cake (can you see a pattern developing here?) with a very inspiring friend, a surprise message on the blog of an old friend, and the kindest comments from new bloggy friends. Thank you all for making today great! I'd save you a bit of cake, but you all know that's not happening!
So being 40 isn't so bad, just like being 39 really (albeit with a juicy fat spot brewing on my chin, how? why?!) but with a reminder of all the good people I've collected along the way!
Oh and I've learnt that woman can't live by cake and coffee alone, they need to supplement with fish and chips! (actually the spot is beginning to make sense...)
(and the link below explains the title...)


Jodie said...

It should be against the law to be old enough for wrinkles (me that is) and yet still get pimples . Unfair!

cloud9 said...

I like how you put the OLD in OLD friend in italics. Someday soon my friend you will be as OLD as I. (oh bugger, that means I'll be 46!)
Also, you have no right to look so young, there is definitely a creepy old portrait in your attic...Glad you had a great time tho, forty makes you feel sooo popular, just wait till you're 41..............Nothing!

cloud9 said...

are you still like, thirty nine in, like, Equador or somewhere?
Oh and I love that two ronnies sketch...we're showing our age love.

Lilli boo said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I was too wrapped up in mine but now that's out the way and I feel like "What was that build up all about?" Still 40 is a strange word in my vocablury..try it How old are you? "I'm 40" Well I don't feel any different or look any different as to when I was 39..except for my birthday night when I donned a wig and an outrageous dress..Hope your celebrations were everything you wanted and that you still celebrating too...(and not pissed off!)...:-)