Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Oops! Sorry missed a couple of days of Blogtoberfest! (but it's Ok, I'll get my Mum to write me a note......!)We spent a wonderful day in London on Sunday, Mr.M and Smallski went to the British Museum. And I took Bigski to the last day of Origin, The London Craft Fair. There are so many talented artists that show at Origin and I thought I'd share with you the ones that I found the most inspiring. As Smallski had custody of the camera I didn't take any pics I'm afraid, so the following have all come from the artists websites.

Betty Pepper: Little Women

Betty Pepper who has a 1940's/Victorian Gothic thing going on and creates the most stunning pieces of textile jewellery and art pieces often using old books. Just beautiful.
Anna Lewis, who makes mixed media contemporary jewellery

Anna Lewis: Katami

Jennifer Collier, creates decorative recycled paper garments and shoes, as well as jewellery that captures everyday items, such as buttons and pins in resin, holding them like little treasures.

Jennifer Collier: Resin Jewellery

and Michelle Holden, creatively reinvents books and maps through her crafting.

Michelle Holden : Ordnance Survey of England, Cornwall and Devonshire 1919-updated in London 2006
Don't you think it's funny how there you are marbling maps and stitching through them, deciding that you like the reverse more than the front, one day and then you look up and someone else is doing the same or similar - only better! There must be something in the air that I've subconsciously picked up on about maps. I've been obsessing about them all summer, saving them, thinking about stitching the journeys I've made. I know there's a general feeling of altering a surface, breathing new life and use into a once defunct item, a waste not want not and recycle attitude that runs through many peoples work. These are the crafts that are the most interesting to me; they preserve and recognise history, usually through domestic and everday items that are most relevant to women, while giving an object a new future. I know I'm not the only one that enjoys finding a creative solution by using what I have, or what I've found.
Now we're officially in Recession, I reckon the feeling can only grow, maybe it will even go totally mainstream and people will stop buying pointless badly made crap ( I say that with one eye towards Christmas. I don't need a singing and dancing comedy Santa, thanks!) Yea, I'll live in hope on that one!
Oooo! Get me!! That's all sounding a bit arty farty, isn't it?!!

Well it's either arty farty or I'm not creatively recycling-I'm just too tight to buy materials!

Well OK! Arty Farty it is!!


cloud9 said...

It's incredibly well written art-fart. Necessity is after all the mother of invention! I love those old sayings that are eternally true! I managed to make a cowgirl and an Elvis (vegas) outfit out of two old school shirts a pair of old jeans and some white tracksuit bottoms with the aid of given gold fabric and donated gemstylerings, (thanks to little miss's new found benevolence).I love the idea of stitching the journeys you have made; history, geography and craft all rolled into one! Can't get better than that! Such intelligent design my good woman!

cloud9 said...

By the way, if previous comment appeared twice feel free to delete! Ditto this one! xx

AnastasiaC said...

looks like a great exhibit! i love love London...cant wait to visit again! wish we werent so far away!