Thursday, 16 October 2008

Blogtoberfest. Day 10 (for me. I think..!)

Thursday's are a good day. A college day. Time in the print studio. A few hours just to be me. Even though every Thursday morning I have the same thought at the back of my mind: "if I stay home I could finish Mrs. Soandso's trouser/jacket/skirt/clean the bathroom/make the costume thing for school tomorrow/clean the oven" (actually that last one is just a blatant lie!)

But I go, burying that feeling deep inside, right next to the spot of guilt for paying £300 a year in fees. Remembering it gives me a creative balance to the sewing alterations, and working in the wedding shop, and besides, it's much cheaper than a studio!
It's something we all struggle with as women, wives and mothers, allowing ourselves time to do something for ourselves. Us ladies are just far too good at guilt!

We feel we need to justify ourselves. And then there are those that think we (semi) stay at home Mums just sit around and drink coffee all day. To you I say, "Yes, we do and you're just jealous!!!Ha, ha, HA!" There are a number of other things that I could say to them, but hey I haven't got all day and the kettle is a boiling....;)
So anyway, I went to college, leaving the wake of disaster that is breakfast time at Chez Shaz and spent a happy morning marbling maps and paper. I'm off to work in the shop soon. I was just wondering, you wouldn't happen to know anyone that wants to buy a wedding dress off a lady with very blue fingers, would you?!


Jodie said...

The marbling on the map is awesoe - it looks like a weather pattern thingy - you know what i mean. Love it. It would be an awesome cover for a journal.

Anonymous said...

I was indeed. Not much else being done, funnily enough. Fantastico mappette. Love it!