Sunday, 12 October 2008

This is....My Current Reading Material

Living Etc (always, every month, without fail)....and the back of the Sudafed packet (suffering from a cold)....and I might progress to the Sunday Times later, just for a bit of variety!
Thanks to My Champagne Dreams for this weeks theme and Three buttons for the meme!


AnastasiaC said...

great mag...i love british interior mags, they are so pricey over here so I just flick through them at the newsagency haha!

Griffin said...

Poor thing! Hope the cold is served an eviction notice and sods off soon.

I have just finished reading Vogue and the Guardian... even tho' I have no beard, sandals and don't like muesli.

Oh... and have been listening to Cyndi Lauper... when I could have done with that disco ball!

Net said...

I love Living Etc! It really is the perfect interiors magazine, isn't it? Hope your cold gets better soon - couldn't be a better way of nursing a cold than snuggling up with Living Etc and Sudafed!

cloud9 said...

Ha ha, at the risk of looking like I'm copying, again, SNAP!