Monday, 13 October 2008

Blogtoberfest Waffle!

I haven't posted any images from the calendars for a little while, well alright 3 months....but it's Blogtoberfest and I have nothing else going hard luck, here they are!
Now August and October don't do anything for me style wise, they're rather (dare I say it) boring, but September is a completely different animal (Ha Ha! Private joke for Mrs Cloudcake!)I could see myself swanning around in a luscious velvet cape, looking like a truely creative bohemian dreamer! ( In reality I'd obviously look like a leftover Hobbit from Lord of the Rings, but as I have previously mentioned, I'm on good terms with Mr.Denial...)
More tomorrow from the Wallpaper Calendar (gotta stretch these posts out a bit you see....)


Griffin said...

Well ok, downside of cape wearing, you look like a leftover hobbit... upside, you get to hang around with Viggo Mortensen...

Quick, grab that cape and get moving!

BigCat said...

Oh dear, everyone seems to be scraping the bottom of the Blogtoberfest barrel this week. Thank goodness hump day is almost here. I love the images though.

cloud9 said...

sharon, you are so funny! I was wondering where your calendar posts had gone, none for ages then three altogether. were thee a bus driver in lord of the rings?