Wednesday, 1 October 2008

This showing off!

Well apart from the apron thing (see last post), not alot to show off about this week, except I did a rather magnificent reverse park into a parking space yesterday, that would possibly be the first since I passed my test - 10 years ago! I always expect a mass of applause and congratulations related to my driving. Unsurprisingly, and most disappointingly, this doesn't usually happen - not that I'm particularly bad at it you understand. I'm just still constantly amazed I can get myself from A to B, on my own, in a car!!
Thanks to May the Cloth be With You (isn't that a great name?!!)for this weeks theme!
It's the week of the small peeps birthday's, only they're not so small anymore! Bigski was 14 on Monday. 14!!! And possibly taller than me, but don't tell her that because I'm in denial (not about the age, just the height. ALL of her friends are taller than me). Her shoes are 3 sizes bigger than mine now, so my shoes are safe, make up and t-shirts, shall we say, are less safe. But crucially she's old enough to do all the things she's wanted do for years and suddenly she's old enough, it's such a relief! (Relief to me that is!) And ofcourse she's old enough to babysit!! Yipee!!!
Smallski is 9 tomorrow, with a very sore arm that warranted a trip to casualty just to check it's not broken (luckily, it's not). It's going to make for an interesting birthday party though, I've booked a climbing wall. So typical!
Happy Birthday Girls!!

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Griffin said...

14... oh help, it's when they are at that age that you realise how much older you are.

Anyway, she's only physically bigger... you are still her mum so there! Have you thought of padlocking your wardrobe/chest of drawers? The only real shame is that you can't 'borrow' her shoes any more.

Glad that Smallski is ok if a bit tender. And yes, Happy Birthdays to 'em both. May they always be happy - even when it rains.