Sunday, 2 March 2008

This is....My Inspiration Board

I had a head start on this weeks theme, I attend college one morning a week to study textiles and surface decoration, so I already had a mood board ready - lucky me! The project at college is to produce printed samples using an artist as inspiration. So I chose Paul Klee, but have since gone off on a tangent and included Lucienne Day, Angie Lewin and spirographs(!) When I eventually get my act together I'll post the finished results.
To see other insipration boards go to three buttons, who has organised the 'This is...' meme

The Frame above is less inspiration/mood board, more of a happy accident... well that is if you can call taking down the old mirror, filling in the holes, redecorating the wall, painting this frame and then breaking the mirror a happy accident! ( We didn't call it a happy accident at the time I can tell you, but this is a family blog...). So as a temporary measure (ha! it's been like this at least 6 months) I used a piece of sample wallpaper and have just stuck stuff in that I like. The big picture of the girl is my Mum, she'll be so happy knowing not only is she on display in the front room, but she's on display in cyberspace!

So Happy Mothers Day Mum, you've been more of an inspiration than you know.....all that sewing and bad crochet, the blame is yours!


Kyla said...

Your boards are very beautiful. Okay,I am so stealing your idea on the buttons..I love buttons and couldnt figure out how to put them on the board, your way is fantastic. Have a great day

flossy-p said...

Wow this is a really pretty one. I had to zoom in to get a closer look! I love the subtlety of pattern in each of the snippets on your board, and the beautiful warm yellowness.

The rest of your house looks gorgeous too, from what I can see in the background of you white swirly mirror below!

AnastasiaC said...

i love your inspiration board - what a great mix of things!
your mirror is gorgeous too!

Jenny said...

Lovely lovely lovely!!

Anonymous said...


so many teeny tiny details.

all so organic and delightful.

thankyou for sharing

starashan said...

I love this! Lots of detail in there :o)

Anonymous said...

This is another great example of how clever you are, young Sharonetta! You've managed to turn Paul Klee into something decorative and pretty. Also, I want to live inside that mirror frame, it's delightful!!!!