Thursday, 7 February 2008

This is .....My Collection

I feel I should start this post with an apology,
" Sorry Sharon's homework is late, but the dog ate it and there was leaves on the line (works for any English transport system all the time) and then the sodding internet died!!!!"
Okay, deep breath!
So I was thinking really hard about this post, I mean I don't actually go out and purposefully collect anything.....except the obvious, you know - dust, grey hair, wrinkles, kids from school, 10 years worth of Living Etc in order under the bed.
And then the internet died.
So I couldn't post.
So mostly this week, I've been collecting steam as I rant at my internet provider!!
But what a boring picture that would make, so I've taken a pic of christmas decorations that are still on the mantelpiece, where they permantely live - just because I like them (I'm such a rebel, rock and roll all the way, that's can stop laughing now Cloudcakes)
The mad fish decorations are from Barcelona and the antique looking bauble from Brittany, neither of which were actually bought at Christmas, just in the 'I'm in a foreign country, I must buy a christmas decoration' thing that I do!
And I never realised until this moment I collected stuff before! On purpose!
That's weird! Not the collecting, the not realizing!
And after reading all the "This is ....what scares me" I didn't know I worried as much as I do either!
Ooo! I'm on a voyage of self discovery!!
(I am quite sane in real life - honest!)

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Anonymous said...

I get that "I'm in a foreign country, therefore I must eat all their food" feeling. Always remember although I may be laughing, I'm laughing WITH you!!!!!!! You have internet!!!!!!Whoopeeee!!!!!!!!!!