Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Old Fossils

It's half term here, and dare I say it SUNNY! So while visiting my parents in Somerset, a spot of fossil hunting at Kilve beach was in order. Now I grew up not 20 minutes from this amazing place and yet only visited it for the first time last summer! We must have driven past the turning about a million times as kids!

That's Me (on the left-still the tallest one I'll think you'll find, if you measure very carefully), Bigski and Littleski - before they managed to cake themselves in mud, but it was okay they were travelling in Gramfie's car, not ours! ;)
And why do the small people not feel the cold - I'm wearing three jumpers, two t-shirts and a vest (really!) and they end up in t-shirts, with me carrying their coats!

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Joleo said...

Hasn't the weather been amazing? That beach looks fantastic, exactly the sort of beach I like.