Friday, 30 November 2007

Recycled scarf

It's amazing how fast this week has gone, I'd like to say in a blur of glamorous doing, but really it's been more of a cleaning the sick off the carpet kind of week!

Thought I'd post about a scarf I made a few weeks ago. I mean what is a girl to do when Mr.M is away and there is no internet connection? Well, sew ofcourse!!

I kinda had it in my head and it all came together quite quickly once I got going. Did I mention I think ALOT about stuff before I get around to it? consequently I often end up with a resolved design and no real sketchwork.

I used an old Gap linen dress that I wore while pregnant with littleski (she's 8!) for the main body of the scarf, the bottom band is another linen maternity leftover and sandwiched between them is a piece of velvet (from my wedding 10 years ago! hoarder moi??) that I puff printed a while ago, the more you steam it the more the print shrinks in and puffs, I haven't tried washing a piece yet so that could be interesting.....!!

I added some ribbon that were hanging around, a bit of hand stitching and voila! Now I have a toasty neck when I leave the house!!

Have a good weekend!


Kristen said...

Lovely! can we see more screenprinting? Love looking at other peoples creations.

Glory Bloom said...

Your scarf is awesome. I cannot believe that it's the recycled one! Your scarf gives some feeling as Asian style, although you are European, amazing.

Anyway, nice to know you @^o^@

Ali said...

Love the fact that you've incorporated fabrics with stories behind them.