Thursday, 25 December 2008

Eye Spy the Festive Beforemath.....

Yes, that should read Festive Aftermath for this week's Eye Spy theme, but I forgot to take the 'After' picture in all the excitment, oh well, at least I remembered a before picture!
I hope you've all had a Merry Christmas, full of turkey and joy!!


Anonymous said...

lovely table arrangement! I agree, the aftermath isn't pretty, and that's just me after glugging too much wine and scoffing one too many roasties. It's been a great day, hope yours was too! See you in the new year! xxxx

Griffin said...

Hope you're having a fun time too. Watched the new Wallace and Gromit, so I am very happy. Also, stuffed with chicken and christmas pud... not together obviously... well not yet anyway!

Possibly the Beforemath was just as chaotic anyway and the aftermath is possibly best forgotten!! Ideally in an alcoholic/christmas pud haze.