Monday, 8 December 2008

Bye Bye 'This is'...Hello 'I Spy!'

Sadly, 'This is...' is no more, boo hoo! Angela, the lovely lady at Three Buttons who has organised the meme for the best part of a year, has decided to call time on the weekly posts. I'm sad to stop it's been great fun, and of course has kept postings a little more regular for the naturally slap dash amongst us (ie: me!!)

So it's with great joy that I came across 'I Spy Sunday...!' another new weekly meme, started by Cindy at Bug and Pop!
This weeks theme is 'Eye Spy Something in my Garden!' and guess what I have to cheat already (well apart from being a day late....but we'll ignore that), it's winter and the garden is not what you'd call at it's best - if it were a person it would be mutton dressed as lamb, faded and passed it's best after one bottle too many of Pinot Grigio (always a good look !), so a photo from a few weeks ago will have to do, because everything always looks better with a layer of snow....

...and clever cropping out of the massive shed and giant trampoline!

And thanks to Curlypops for this weeks theme!