Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Whoa! I made my first Folksy sale!!
I sold a tea towel on Friday, didn't realize until Saturday evening because after obsessively checking blog, Etsy and Folksy, and emails constantly for months I didn't check them on Friday! Typical! A new and unique sales technique maybe - ignore your customers and they'll come a flooding in?!! And did anyone notice I switched the side bar to the other side of blog page? Apparently we scan pages across the top first, down the left hand side and then across the middle of the page, (imagine an 'F' shape). Did that on Wednesday, sale on Friday.....coincidence? I think not!
As Mr.M said "You've improved your sales by 100%!"
I think there was sarcasm in his smile.


Net said...

Congratulations! I love that sales technique! Your side bar looks great on the left - I did the exact same thing after hearing that everyone looks at the left side first. Here's to improved sales all over!

cloud9 said...

You so smart, you! Well done on another sale! xx

Griffin said...

M always sarcastic with his agents... Ms Bond! Glad you made a sale... thought that picture was of a napkin... then thought... she'd make a killing with napkins like that. Hint, hint!

jennyflower said...

Congratulations and here's a cup of tea raised to many more!

Jodie said...

You are now a marketing guru!!!
Maybe I should get some tips?