Sunday, 9 November 2008

This favourite quote.

Burne-Jones (left) and William Morris (1890)

William Morris said,
'Have nothing in your houses which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful'
Roughly translated to the 21st century that would be
'Stop buying useless crap!'

Favourite quote from my 14 year old?
'Be nice to your children. They pick your care home.'
Charming! And yet scarily true.....

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CurlyPops said...

I completely concur with 'stop buying useless crap'!

ashley said...

tee hee sometimes 14 year olds can be very wise!
great quotes, great blog:)
x ashley

Griffin said...

Coo! Ta for that. I am a beeg Burne-Jones fan and I like William Morris too. He was one of the most amazing figures of his time and yet he's been reduced to a few National Trust shopping bags with his patterns on.

He learned Icelandic just to translate their sagas, wrote poetry, designed all manner of things, was a Socialist and a keen conservationist of old buildings as well as a writer. He also, with Burne-Jones, made the most beautiful edition of Chaucer ever - the Kelmscott Chaucer for which he designed the font. Amazing, no?

Anonymous said...

I love that quote, it's timeless. Then again all good quotes should be. xx

Bec said...

Both great quotes!! I especially love "stop buying useless crap"....important for me to keep in mind as Christmas rushes up...