Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I'm a bit late, but I've joined the fun that is BLOGTOBERFEST! The idea is to post everyday in October which, I'm hoping, will give me the bit of bloggy discipline that I sorely lack of late, and Blogtoberfest is such a great name how could I not?! It's all been organised by the lovely lady at Big Cat's Emporium, and it promises to be full of fun and festivities. So what are you waiting for? go see for yourself!
I must dash now, I need to go and beat next doors camper van to a pulp with a baseball bat because the sodding alarm has been going on and then off (lulling me into the hope that it will stop) and then ON AGAIN. Only joking. I haven't got a baseball bat.
(See one post down already!)


cloud9 said...

yay! even more reasons to skive. love it! xxx

flossy-p said...

I'm so glad the buttons worked so easily for you. Welcome to Blogtoberfest!!! Whhoooo-ooo.

Erin said...

happy blogtoberfest! have lots of fun!