Thursday, 9 October 2008

Blogtoberfest Day 3.

Bag to match the "she's got bottle!" Apron, slightly grubby and creased because I'm using it! The idea is to make a small range of 'bottle' aprons, bags, tea towels and possibly just a couple of prints to sell on Etsy or Folksy. It's the usual problem of not enough hours in the day, (I know I'm not alone there!), which is frustrating, but I've written it down now in black and white just so I'll HAVE to make time and do it!


Griffin said...

The bag looks great, but watch out for fashionista's wanting to know where you got it... finding out you made it... and then asking if you can make them one!!!

You'll just have to start making them all at five in the morning...!!!! Or make them in your sleep, which might be better.

Anonymous said...

It looks just as good in bag form. Can't wait to see the 'range'!!! xxx

Net said...

This is brilliant! I think you are a real genius and that your whole collection is going to go global! It's awesome!

Oh - what about a washbag?