Friday, 8 August 2008

Quick hello...

Hi! I'm back and inbetween camping trips...and with a (stripey) tan!! Dorset was lovely and warm enough to paddle in the sea, kinda wet at night and cloudy during the day, which it has to be said is far better than we expected. My Mum and Dad came to visit and stayed in the tent on Tuesday night, by Wednesday afternoon the girls decided they would go back with them! WIMPS!! Mind, that was after we drove for about an hour so we could see The Cerne Abbas Giant, I don't think they were that impressed. (Let me just say that I thought he could do with a bikini wax...) So Mr.M and myself stayed on, deciding we'd pack up the tent a day early on Thursday instead of Friday, only to get up to sunshine! Bloody typical! So we were forced, I tell you, forced to sit and read books for several hours in peace and quiet, in the sunshine!

Off again to Wales in the tent on Sunday for a couple of days, that is if the car's suspension can take the weight of shoes and eyeliner that a teenager needs on a camping trip!!


trashalou said...

Weather beacoup de better down here than we had expected either!

iRiS said...

Hi :)

I just found your blog via three buttons and the this is game and wanted to post a quick comment

wondering if your daughters are named Iris and Lily?
just curious as my daughter is named Iris
Its a very uncommon name nowdays but I did actually find another Iris (and a Lily they are twins) funnily enough thru another blog
just the other day :)

I absolutely love the name and it suits my daughter to a tea
it was her paternal grandmothers name, she passed away of breast cancer so it holds a very special meaning for us

ok sorry im rambling hahaha
just wanted to say I love your daughters names...if they are their names and am off to have a look at your etsy store....ciao for now
ps great blog too!