Monday, 17 March 2008

This is my.....Creation

Another Friday afternoon creation knocked up in an hour or so, this is one of four I whipped up at speed for Bigski and her friends as they were going to a birthday party, the others had to make do without the black underskirt, just for future reference one layer of net doesn't really make a great tutu but 13 year olds don't really care! And do you like the white elastic? That's a special design feature, I kid you not...
Well, must dash.... it's Monday morning and there is tu-tu much to do! ( Sorry, couldn't resist!)


Net said...

It's a fantastic colour - especially if you're 13! Love your embroidery, I've just skimmed down your blog and you make such lovely things!

cloud9 said...

Ha Ha! Lovely tutu! I thought you were the model at first! I have been slaving over a lukewarm textbook for the last week or so, so,in case I forget (very possible) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! for tomorrow. I have your prezzie here so you have to come here to get it! (bribery, corruption etc etc)

Kyla said...

Wow. love the tutu, it is so pretty. I love the colour.
Great creation
oh and happy belated birthday.