Friday, 7 March 2008

Pebble print

Another present post......

Bigski didn't want to give her friends aprons ( 13 year old twins) for their birthday, so she came up with the idea of pillows. She started off with the idea of a (rather complicated) applique, but I suggested (read brainwashed) that we screen print some fabric instead. The print design was developed for last terms college project and based on gorges and costal rock formations in Brittany, France.

She decided on a pink colourway for one and I think we were going for purple/lilac colourway for the other. My colour mixing being what it is we ended up with grey (vaguely lilac-y -nice -kinda -grey in my defense, your honour), but I forgot to take a picture before it was wrapped, aah well, never mind!

We had a great time printing on the kitchen table and it was really nice to share the process with her. And that old curtain came in handy again!

Another case of step away from the embroidery thread and needle resulted with a quick running stitch embellishment ( Oooh! Get me, I almost sound like I know of what I speak)

and Bigski finishes the day by saying "Can I use this leftover bit to make a bag?" which she did - beautifully, complete with overlocking. Which equals VERY proud Mum and happy friends! (and trashed kitchen...)


Anonymous said...

p.s you're older than me - he he!!hel t.c.h.
ps nice print xxx

tulapink said...

Love this bag!and pillow or both. Great job, how does one get on that birthday gift list anyway?

cloud9 said...

There's just no stopping the irisandlily enterprise! Print looks fab in pink, well done bigski, the bag looks great too!

CalicoDaisy said...

Love the pillows and mixing the screen printing with embroidery. I tapped into your blog because I just read the crafty blog school lessons on feeling stitchy. I missed out on Floresita commenting back to me, becuase the comments are closed now, but I thought I would do my homework and check out the blog of the person who would have been in front of me. That's you! Very nice crafting and hand embroidery. Love the rocket baby bib, too. -- Michele

Kirsty said...

Absolutely gorgeous fabric & I LOVE the embroidery. Just lovely.